This article is a continuation from the object titled “10 Things to Avoid When Cutting Glass – Part 1”. It turned into written to give you some basic policies and hints to make your revel in plenty greater first-class and successful. I am penning this primarily based on my 25+ years of experience in working with art glass, each stained (copper foil and lead came techniques) and fused glass. I actually have come to like slicing glass. In fact, it’s far my favourite a part of the system.

So, here is what NOT to do when slicing any glass (Tips 6 – 10), specifically art glass:

6. Never put off breaking your glass soon after making the rating. Glass has a completely unique assets of “recovery” itself after a period of time. In other words, though the rating can also nevertheless be seen, it could not wreck alongside it any more. What is occurring is that the molecules that have been disturbed near the floor of the glass while the rating is made will ultimately return to ordinary.
How lengthy are you able to wait? I don’t have that solution. It might also nonetheless destroy after five minutes or 15 mins or a half of an hour, probable. You can wager that tomorrow it’s going to now not smash although. Why take the chance? Glass will wreck the nice and the most predictably proper after scoring, so cross ahead and spoil it proper away, as soon as feasible.

7. Avoid scoring and breaking too tight a curve all of sudden and awaiting it to interrupt predictably, specifically an “inner curve”. Always wreck curves in degrees, a touch at a time, in graduated steps, whether or not it’s far an outside or inner curve. It simply makes existence less difficult, and I am occupied with making it easy, aren’t you?
Eight. Cutting on the “incorrect” aspect of the glass will make matters difficult. By this I mean the side of the glass that is greater choppy or bumpy. It could be difficult to guide your cutter wherein you need it to head if it has to move over bumps and crevices.  rose gold glasses frames Usually one facet of the glass is smoother than the other, so it’s miles better to pick the aspect this is smoother so you have greater manage over your glass cutter wheel. In the case of dichroic glass, it can be more secure to cut it (and to mark it!) at the aspect which does no longer have the dichroic coating, to protect the coating from damage.
Do you know the way to tell on which aspect the dichroic coating is on clear glass? It is difficult to peer once in a while, isn’t it? Here is a trick: vicinity the glass towards a black or dark surface. Make the point of a pen touch the glass and take a look at the mirrored image of the pen factor at the glass. Does it appear to be the factor isn’t always touching the glass? Then the dichroic aspect is face down. Does it seem like the point is touching the glass? That indicates that the dichroic facet (the metallic, reflective facet) is face up. Neat, huh?
Nine. Never force the wreck whilst it seems to stop. The trick to reducing glass is to paintings with it, not in opposition to it or looking to pressure it to do what you want. It is much higher to think of it as “coaxing” it to interrupt where you need it to. When you align your breaking pliers (or your fingers) on either aspect of the rating, practice firm, regular pressure and just preserve applying it till the score seems to forestall “strolling”.
This will have a tendency to take place specially if it is an extended score or if you are breaking a curve. When it stops, in reality flip your piece of glass around and start the ruin again from the opposite end of the rating. It generally works like a appeal.

10. Do not get pissed off! Remember, that is, for the general public, purported to be a amusing hobby! Make it exciting, make it a game, a undertaking, and simply have fun with it. Smile when you make a “mistake” because it isn’t always definitely a mistake. It can be a valuable lesson. We definitely do research the maximum from our mistakes. If the whole lot went perfectly the first time, it would not be much of a project and, consequently, no longer very pleasant whilst we in the end get it right. Think how top notch it’ll sense when you have learned a way to try this efficiently.
Also, recollect, once in a while glass will wreck badly actually because it is glass! It is inherent inside the glass, mainly some of the hand-rolled glasses (like Bullseye and Uroboros), that they may be a piece temperamental, so don’t take it to heart. Just start again. Chances are you can still use the piece of glass that broke badly for something else.

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