Brian Ferdinand: Corporate Housing Can Elevate Your Travel Experience

On your first day of staying of staying in a hotel room, you may naturally feel excited about your new temporary living arrangement. But on day 30, you may be yearning to return home to your comfortable bed, couch, and television. That’s why hotels aren’t the best housing option for lengthy business or personal trips. And that’s where corporate housing units come in, explained business expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article.

Corporate Housing Offerings

According to Brian Ferdinand in the recent article, corporate housing is basically a furnished home or apartment that is designed to serve as a comfortable space for someone who is traveling for weeks on end.

Corporate housing is like a hotel room in that its guests can enjoy a clean room, high-speed Internet, fresh sheets, and easy access to public transportation and the center of a city. However, it’s better than a hotel room in that it is much larger and comes with multiple other amenities.

For instance, in a corporate housing unit, you will have access to a full-size kitchen for prepping meals. This kitchen typically includes necessities such as a refrigerator, an oven, pans, pots, utensils, a stove, and a microwave.

What’s especially great about corporate housing is that you can enjoy all of these hotel-like luxuries at a lower cost than what you’d find in the traditional hotel setting.

Who Do Corporate Housing Providers Cater To?

In the past, corporate housing was mostly just for people traveling for business purposes. These include contract programmers, auditors, consultants, film crews, stage performers, and medical field workers. However, this is no longer the case.

Corporate housing still attracts people who are traveling for work-related purposes, but it is also a wonderful housing option for interns. Likewise, it is an excellent accommodation choice for people who are interested in trying out brand-new cities before they buy permanent residences in these locales.

Corporate housing is also a perfect match for fearless explorers and digital nomads who enjoy traveling from one place to the next. This is particularly true if they plan to stay in each city for at least 30 days. It is also the case if they prefer to live by themselves rather than embracing the co-living trend, and if they would like their living spaces to come with many amenities.

All in all, corporate housing can easily suit just about any person who needs the perfect place to stay for extended periods of time.