Does CBD Oil Causes Nightmares and Weird Dreams – Know Why?

Although there are no scientific evidence to prove CBD can cause nightmares or weird dreams, few people who are new to CBD are claiming it. Few people switch to the other products that contain fewer amounts they take, while others find that it is a temporary effect that lasts for just a few weeks.

When taking CBD, you have to remember that its effects vary from one person to the other. So, experiment to find out how to solve your issue.

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Research studies on CBD and sleep

Many research studies suggested that CBD may help to improve the quality of sleep. According to a study conducted on sleep cycles, CBD doesn’t interfere with the sleep cycles of healthy people.

Another study conducted in 2019 states that 70% of people with sleeping problems and anxiety improved their sleep quality within a month of taking CBD. Also, CBD is well-tolerated in most people, and there is no mention of enhanced dreams, nightmares, or bad dreams.

Reasons for experiencing bad dreams while taking CBD

CBD helps to maintain balance in the body. According to studies, it can help to restore the natural sleep cycles. There are a few reasons for getting weird dreams in people because of CBD. They include:

  • Deeper or more REM stage
  • Other ingredients in the product with CBD

For instance, Most CBD products contain melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Taking it may also cause weird dreams in few people. It is good to start CBD with a low dose and increase it gradually to find out the right dosage. Also, talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your diet.

How to avoid nightmares or vivid dreams caused by CBD

Many CBD users have noticed healthy sleep cycles after taking CBD, but a few people claimed opposite effects like experiencing nightmares or vivid dreams. For many people, bad dreams will stop once their body adjusts to CBD (within few weeks). The following are a few tips that help you to stop getting nightmares and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

  • In case you are experiencing bad dreams or nightmares after taking CBD, then take it during the daytime or late evening instead of before bedtime.
  • Taking a high amount of CBD may cause side effects, so lower your CBD intake.
  • Each CBD product is different. In case you are experiencing nightmares with a product or brand, shift to another product or brand. Maybe the other product or brand works for you.

CBD is a non-psychoactive and safe compound that offers many benefits to the users, from relieving anxiety to improving sleep quality, reducing pain, and more when taken in the right way. For best results, choose the stores that offer reliable CBD products and order today.