Get more feet through the door with lthese ocal SEO tactics

This pandemic has been terrible to small business owners, especially retail store owners. Fewer people are entering the door due to fears of local infections. Even when some local governments lifted restrictions, the number of customers is still down. The best way to counter the impact of the pandemic is by focusing on search engine optimization. Perhaps, there are more potential customers out there who are yet to hear about the business. If they can see more details on the website, they will feel enticed to buy. Local SEO companies understand how to make companies popular online. Below are some of those tricks. 

  1. Find the right keyword to optimize 

Every search engine optimization campaign begins by finding the right keyword. It’s crucial to optimize the right one to avoid wasting the efforts. Some keywords are too short and competitive, and they’re not worth optimizing. Even with the best efforts, the business doesn’t stand a chance. Conversely, longer keywords are easier to optimize but are unpopular. No one will search for information using those keywords. Trying to optimize them is a waste of time. 

The best keywords for local SEO include the city or town name. Users want the best company, but also the nearest one. If they have to drive to the store to buy a product, they prefer the option located a few blocks away. The problem is that even within the same area, there are many potential competitors. They’re also attracting the same audiences. It makes even more sense to optimize keywords with the location since it helps the website more visible. The options appearing on top of search engines are most likely going to be the first choice. 

  1. Create content specifically for the local audiences

In keyword optimization, the right content matters. People want to read quality information before they decide to patronize the brand. In writing the content, relatability matters. Audiences should feel that the information is useful to them. Otherwise, they will move to the next content. Include news stories, events, local celebrities, and weather. Their presence on the website gives people a reason to come back. They might not decide to buy anything now but might do it the next time. The point is that they already found the website useful, and will be among the return visitors. With a little push, they will become customers. 

  1. Write fresh and unique content 

Building links is also useful for local SEO. There should be blogs linking back to the website. They also help make the business more visible online. It’s crucial to write unique content since the internet is full of information for people to consume. They won’t waste time on something they already read or found elsewhere. 

Also, Google rewards websites with unique content. It’s a sign that the business works hard in marketing to the target audiences. It boosts online ranking. 

Another strategy in building links is to work with local websites. People who find information related to local services use these websites. Therefore, leaving content on the sites will increase the chances that they will visit the main page. 

  1. Optimize for voice and mobile search

The popularity of mobile devices for online transactions changed the game. Most people use their phones to look for information online. Therefore, marketers have to create a responsive website. It means that when opened on mobile devices, the page is accurate. There are no cropped images or weird text.

Another modern technology that changed the way SEO plays out is voice search. When searching for information using this technology, people use longer keywords. It’s either a question or a long-phrase. Therefore, the SEO efforts should also focus on voice search. It’s another reason to work with local SEO companies. They know the changes in this field. With their help, it’s easier to figure out how to keep up. It’s better than determining the right tactic from scratch.

  1. Get positive reviews

Receiving regular reviews from satisfied customers will also help in local SEO. Most people trust businesses with happy customers. They don’t know which brand to trust, and these reviews are helpful. Therefore, there should be an effort to receive great reviews from previous customers. Remind them to say something positive after using the products and services. Make the review page easy to fill out.

After receiving the reviews, the business should respond to all of them. A simple thank you will suffice in some instances. These customers went out of their way to boost the business. Not everyone does it. Therefore, they deserve a response. If the reviews are negative, they also need an immediate response. The company can’t allow wrong information to continue. If the complaint is correct, the company should acknowledge it and apologize. It’s not only for the person who left the review but other people who might read it. They might feel turned off because of the negative information. They need to know the truth.

  1. Be specific on the “Contact Us” page

The “Contact Us” page contains information that potential customers need to know. If they already feel convinced, they can go to this page and drive to the store. Try to help by providing a detailed map of the store location. Include the office hours. They should also see the contact information if they get lost or if they have other questions. 

  1. Use social media

Social media marketing is also crucial for local SEO. Sure, it’s not the best way to bring people to the website, but it helps. Potential customers are using social media to browse information and other reasons. With quality content posted on social media pages, there’s a chance that some of them will visit the website. An engaging social media page can also help in boosting the search engine ranking.

Final Takeaway

Understanding how to build popularity in the area can be challenging. It’s even worse when there are more competitors. Therefore, it helps to work with local SEO companies. They have different strategies up their sleeves to ensure the company’s success online.